Our candidates in the upcoming Boleyn and Wall End by-elections

Our candidates in the upcoming Boleyn and Wall End by-elections – Joe Hudon-Small and Tassadduq Cheema
Our candidates in the upcoming Boleyn and Wall End by-elections – Joe Hudon-Small and Tassadduq Cheema

We are excited to announce our candidates in the upcoming Boleyn and Wall End by-elections

Joe Hudson-Small

and Tassadduq Cheema.


Last year Newham Green Party made history – finally breaking the one-party state that Labour had control of for 16 years, electing two Green councillors.


Now Newham has the opportunity to elect two more!


We have two amazing committed candidates chosen by our local members:

Tassadduq Cheema in Wall End and

Joe Hudson-Small in Boleyn.


These were rightly incredibly competitive selections – meanwhile Labour’s two candidates have been handpicked by Keir Starmer – shutting out local members.

Above all the critics, and the complacent Labour councillors, Nate Higgins and Danny Keeling won in May 2022 by 51% to Labour’s 34% – the biggest Green vote in London.

We overtook the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats, becoming Newham’s undeniable second party


It shows that Newham wants change but they need to invest in a party they can trust and that will beat Labour.


For the last year Nate & Danny have been working even harder standing up for residents in Stratford Olympic Park, as well forming Newham’s first Official Opposition in almost two decades. They’ve been sitting on committees and holding the council to account at full council, with Danny even giving the first Leader of the Opposition speech in May.


Residents are telling us how much they appreciate the hard work and visibility of our Green councillors.


We thought we would have to wait until 2026 to give more residents in Newham the opportunity to choose something new for their communities. But two Labour councillors have now resigned triggering two by-elections – one in Boleyn and one in Wall End.

Newham Green Party volunteers on a litter pick, May 2023

Boleyn itself has had 11 councillors in 10 years due to resignations and the Greens report that residents in Boleyn have told them “we feel like we are being taken for granted, people get elected then resign after a year”.

With the success of the Greens in the local elections where the Greens won x amounts of seats in the the 2023 elections and the first full control of a council in Mid-Soffolk, Newham Green Party are punching through to get more councillors to add to the opposition in the council.


Leader of the Opposition, Cllr Danny Keeling says “Both Joe and Cheema would make excellent councillors, representing the best for their areas, we have proved to Newham we are electable and are the true left wing opposition. However I won’t be complacent here, we appreciate every single vote that comes our way to ensure we can hold this administration to account.”

Our candidates Joe Hudon-Small and Tassadduq Cheema out talking to local residents

The Green Party have a poll of 190 residents in Boleyn ward, stating their voting intentions are Labour on 43%, Greens on 34% and Lib Dems 13% and Conservatives on 10%. 

Candidate for Boleyn is Joe Hudson-Small who used to live in Boleyn before illegally evicted, he is standing to save Queens Market, stop cuts by Labour and to hold this council to account due to the sheer numbers that Labour usually win.

NGP volunteers at a litter pick


We have proven we can win in Newham against all the odds – and win big. We work hard, and we take nothing for granted. We are still a small party – though we may be Newham’s second party we are far from the second wealthiest, so we do rely on our members and supporters.

However big or small the donation is, we appreciate it just as we do each as we do every vote and every minute of support people give us.

But every little helps.

We're really inspired by all the people coming forward to say how much of a difference they feel Nate and Danny are making here in Newham. But with more Green councillors, we could do so much more, and we need to ensure we have the resources to make the best use of this amazing enthusiasm.


If you want to see more Greens in the council chamber, arguing for a truly green and people-powered future for our great borough, donate now to ensure Newham residents hear our message.

We know it's a difficult time at the moment, so if you are unable to donate your money - just as important will be your TIME once we've spent the money we receive on election materials to get them through people's doors to reach as many people as possible.