Green Group Leader (May 2024-Present), Former Green Group Business Manager (May 2022 - May 2024)

Nate was first elected to represent Stratford Olympic Park in May 2022. He is a Software Engineer in his professional life, and has previously served as national press officer for the Young Greens and as Newham Greens co-chair. He has lived across Newham since having to leave university due to finances in 2017 and has lived in the Olympic Park since 2020.

Nate was heavily involved in the successful campaign to Stop the MSG Sphere, a proposed concert venue in his ward which was due to be covered entirely in advertising screens, imposing black out blinds on nearby residents and risking making Stratford station even more dangerous.

X (Twitter): @natehiggins

Facebook: @greenatehiggins

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Green Group Business Manager (May 2024-Present), Former Green Group Leader (May 2022 - May 2024), Former Leader of the Opposition (May 2022 - November 2023)

Danny (they/them) was the first non-binary councillor elected to Newham Council, after being elected to represent Stratford Olympic Park in May 2022.

Their priorities are stopping cuts and increasing benefits for those in need, after experiencing needing to use a food bank themselves. Danny also focuses on mental and sexual health to ensure it is more accessible for people.

Danny values charity work, supporting LGBTQIA+ arts charities and and being awarded Donor of the Year at the Houses of Parliament for the stem cell charity tackling cancer and leukemia Anthony Nolan.

X (Twitter): @dannny_k

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Areeq was first elected to represent Canning Town North in May 2022. Areeq is a technology policy researcher and has spent more than a decade thinking about how the internet and artificial intelligence are transforming society.

Areeq has led the campaign to oppose the use of facial recognition technology by the Metropolitan Police in Newham, proposing the successful Full Council motion.