2024 General Election Candidates

Newham Green Party are proud to be standing in all three constituencies in Newham, to ensure every Newham resident has the opportunity to vote Green – to reject the tired politics of yesterday which has left our country broken, and to vote for change that only the Green Party are offering.

East Ham MP Candidate

Stratford and Bow MP Candidate

West Ham and Beckton MP Candidate

Our Top Priorities

The NHS, health, and social care

The Green Party costed manifesto will outline the detail of our offer on healthcare - what we can tell you right now is
that defending our NHS and making sure everyone have access to free healthcare, is a Green priority.

Greens MPs in parliament will push for a properly funded NHS to bring down hospital waiting times and
stop getting to see your GP or a dentist feel like such an uphill struggle.

Affordability and availability of housing

We have already laid out some of our plans to end the housing crisis including protection for renters through rent controls, and an end to no fault evictions, along with the phase out of leasehold and transformation of the planning system so that new developments come with great community services.

The Green Party costed manifesto will outline more detail of how Green MPs in parliament would lead the drive for a
safe, warm home for everyone.

Water quality - sewage in the sea or pollution in rivers

Protecting our seas and rivers - including our local rivers the Lea, Thames and Roding -  from the sewage dumping caused by water companies is a priority for the Greens.

Other parties are only committing to half measures on this issue.

Greens MPs in parliament would push for water companies to be brought back into public hands to stop the harm being caused to our beautiful rivers and coastlines.

Standard of living - for you and also for others less fortunate

The Green Party costed manifesto will give more detail on how Green MPs in parliament would push for immediate measures to help people address the alarming increase in the cost of living.

Practical common sense steps like increasing universal credit by £40 a week and bringing up the minimum wage to £15 an hour for everyone over 16.

Climate and nature

We know that Green MPs would keep Labour ambitious on the climate and help them to recognise now much people value the natural world - access to it and protection of it.

The Green Party costed manifesto will give more on our most up to date climate commitments

Ceasefire in the Israel-Gaza conflict

The Green Party has consistently called for a lasting ceasefire in Gaza and safe release of the hostages.

Our party co-leaders Carla Denyer and Adrian Ramsay, and deputy leader Zack Polanski, have called on both the Conservatives and Labour to throw their weight behind an “internationally arbitrated once-and-for-all settlement” so that “Israeli and Palestinian citizens can live in safety and security with their rights, at last, fully protected.”

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