Green Party councillors in

Stratford and Bow:

  1. Nathalie Bienfait (Bow West)
  2. Nate Higgins (Stratford Olympic Park)
  3. Danny Keeling (Stratford Olympic Park)

Joe Hudson-Small

Green Parliamentary Candidate for Stratford and Bow

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I live in Stratford, East London and work as an IT professional alongside being a committed activist for affordable housing and accessible public transport.

People deserve a real choice in this election and the Green Party’s message is one of hope and optimism.

Climate change is one of many tough challenges we’re facing – but it’s not the only one. People are hurting – worsening inequality and the austerity agenda have been fuelling the cost of living crisis for years, and now a third of London’s children now live in poverty.

We need a new generation of political leaders who will stand up for what’s right – from investing in the future of our planet and in future generations by sharing out the wealth held at the top, to investing in peace in Gaza.

London's highest ever house prices demand an affordable housing revolution; soaring energy bills demand a clean energy revolution; and food prices, inflation, and corporate greed demand fair wages and an economy that’s centred on people.

The Green Party knows that these challenges are linked, and that Green policies will protect our planet, reverse decades of economic inequality, and invest in public services like our NHS to help people who need it most.

I’m standing in this election because the Green Party know there are solutions to these challenges, and together we can make our vision for a fairer Britain a reality. 

I’m excited to have been chosen as the Green Party candidate for Stratford and Bow and look forward to hearing from residents in the community and to championing their concerns throughout the campaign.