Rob Callender

Green Parliamentary Candidate for West Ham and Beckton

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I’m passionate about this constituency, living myself in the Royal Docks at North Woolwich.

I want to ensure our area is clean, safe and has good public services with a built - as well as a natural - environment to be proud of, that ensures it’s residents can live healthy and happy lives.

I’m passionate about the policies and values of the Green Party that will improve the lives of everyone. After all, there can be no climate, environmental and ecological justice without social, racial and economic justice too. This is why I have fully supported a lasting ceasefire in Gaza and the safe release of the hostages. That means, in parliament, I will fight to ensure not just equality for all but to go further – to ensure equity for all, improving the opportunities people have in their lives.

I am a pragmatic Green. Tough decisions need to be made to ensure that we have a planet inhabitable for future generations, with a healthy ecosystem and clean air. The way we do things may need to be a little different. Those that can afford it – the top 1% of earners – should contribute more, and carbon emitting businesses making unexpected huge profits should pay pay windfall taxes.

A Starmer’s Labour government, almost indistinguishable from the Tories - backtracking on their environmental, climate and social promises - will need robust scrutiny and a strong presence in parliament to prevent them veering ever more to the right. The Green Party will do that and more.

I want to make a better greener West Ham & Beckton, a better greener country, a better greener world.