Rosie Pearce

Green Parliamentary Candidate for East Ham

I live in Upton Park, within East Ham. I'm often found relaxing in the local green spaces, with Central Park a particular favourite.

For over a decade, I've proudly aligned myself with the Green Party, finding resonance in its values and policies that advocate for a sustainable future.

Climate change isn't just a distant threat; it's a personal concern that affects each of us. However, its impact disproportionately burdens the most vulnerable among us while sparing the affluent, locally and globally.

Poor air quality claims the lives of 96 residents annually in Newham, and inflicts irreversible harm on the developing lungs of our children. It's an injustice that we're compelled to breathe polluted air, especially when the cleaner alternatives to emitting activities are not only feasible but also enrich our lives.

Encouraging active transport, such as walking and cycling, not only promotes a healthier lifestyle but also enhances local air quality and mitigates global temperature rise. Yet, the realisation of these choices necessitates safer routes and greater accessibility which requires political intervention.

My background and experiences equip me to advocate effectively for East Ham in Parliament. Through my education and involvement in politics and policy-making, I've learned how to navigate the legislative process to enact meaningful change. Recognising that the role of an MP extends beyond legislative duties, I am committed to addressing the concerns of East Ham constituents and tirelessly working to resolve their personal issues.

My current job in health training structures has afforded me valuable insights into the reforms required to enhance local healthcare access. Moreover, my work with universities for the past six years has underscored the significance of ensuring true equitable access to education including to early years education.

I eagerly anticipate engaging with East Ham residents throughout the election period and beyond, amplifying their voices and championing their concerns. I will strive to enhance the quality of life for all inhabitants of East Ham, fostering a community that thrives on sustainability, equity, and opportunity.