2024 Newham Local Council By-Election Candidates

Newham Green Party are proud to be standing in all elections in Newham, to ensure every Newham resident has the opportunity to vote Green – to reject the tired politics of yesterday which has left our country and our borough broken, and to vote for change that only the Green Party are offering.

Justine Levoir - Beckton ward by-election candidate

Justine Levoir

Beckton By-Election Candidate for Newham Council

Joe Oteng - Little Ilford by-election candidate

Joe Oteng

Little Ilford By-Election Candidate for Newham Council

Our Candidates

Justine Levoir, a Beckton resident and community campaigner has been selected to contest the 18th of July by-election. Greens came a very strong second here last time, with 32%, and we're clearly the best placed party to challenge Labour here, after the Deputy Mayor and Environment cabinet member quit.

As well as this, members have voted, and congratulations to Joe Oteng who has been selected to be our candidate in the Little Ilford by-election taking place on the 18th of July alongside the Beckton by-election.